Learn the art of sewing and creating clothing from a master tailor with over 35 years of experience.


In order to be properly placed in the correct program, by the level of experience you currently have and for the program to be properly tailored to your pre-existing skills as well as goals we ask that you fill out this form.  

Project Program

In this program learn hoe to create your own ideas for clothing and possibly being producing your own clothing. This program offers the possibility of earning back the program fee for the beginning program.

Beginner,Intermediate, and Advanced Sewing Programs

Beginning Program

Lessons Taught:

  1. Functions and Operation of the Sewing Machine

  2. Relationship between the fabric and the machine

  3. Basic Sewing

    • Shapes​

    • Seams

    • Corners

Intermediate Program

Costs Associated with the Programs

There is a $10 consultation fee to determine which program is the correct one.

For the beginning program, there is a $65 fee for supplies, time and staff participation.