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Learn the art of sewing and creating clothing from a master tailor with over 35 years of experience.

Costs Associated with the Programs

Each Class requires a fee. Groups of three or more get a discount. Classes include supplies.

Consultation - $10

In order to be properly placed in the correct program, by the level of experience you currently have and for the program to be properly tailored to your pre-existing skills as well as goals we ask that you answer a few questions.

Project Program

In this program learn how to create your own ideas for clothing and possibly begin producing your own clothing. This program offers the possibility of earning back the program fee for the beginning program.

Beginners Program

We will be working together in this Course to foster your interest and natural aptitude in the craft of sewing. To do this we will follow a simple set of lessons which are based on achievable goals and proficiencies. Our instructors are experts and all of them have worked together to create a lesson plan. 

Beginning Program - $95

Lessons Taught:

  1. Hand stitching and buttons

  2. Know your machine

  3. Machine Stitching

  4. Measuring stitching

  5. Technical sewing

  6. Hem and sideseams

There are a total of ten classes in the Beginners Program. The first and 9th class are two hours, while the rest are one hour classes. Supplies include a handbook with notes for each class-describing each lesson being taught, as well as sewing essentials. Machines will be provided and are available for rent and purchase.

Additional Classes and Programs

Additional classes and programs are offered based on demand. Some of the classes and programs require the Beginner's program before taking. These classes will be located under BOOK ONLINE. You can click on the button below to be sent to that page. 

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